HD Aquaponics – Ep.30 – Advanced Barrel Aquaponics, swirl filter, floating raft, u-siphon, indoor

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HD Aquaponics Ep 26

HD Aquaponics Ep. 26 – Harvesting black soldier fly larvae, BSFL, tomato horn worms

This week I get attacked by the tomato horn worms and later I show some black solider fly larvae that I got from my compost bin. The fish seem to really like ...view »

HD Aquaponics video webcast ep 25

HD Aquaponics Ep. 25 – Harvesting carrots, aquaponics greenhouse and blue tilapia update

The greenhouse is getting a little out of control so we need to add some supports to keep the plants from falling in on themselves. I also harvest some carrots and we ...view »

HD Aquaponics Video Webcast

HD Aquaponics Ep. 24 – Aerating the barrel aquaponics system, aquaponics greenhouse update

My goldfish are dropping like flies and I need to figure out why. I'm guessing we have a lack of good oxygen in the warmer water so we're going to add a ...view »

Aquaponics Fish: Why you should use goldfish in your Aquaponics System

Aquaponics fish?

Aquaponics Goldfish

Aquaponics Goldfish Photo by bensonkua

I often get asked what kind of fish should be used in an Aquaponics system. Normally, my answer would depend on the climate the Aquaponics system is based. Lately, I've been modifying my answer because a common problem we all run into: cost.

When I say cost, I don’t just mean the actual dollar price for the fish or fry. We need to look at other factors such as food, energy costs, skill level etc. Jumping into a large Aquaponics system can put a nice dent in our wallets and the feeling of throwing away over one hundred dollars on fish because of a simple mistake can leave even an experienced Aquaponics gardener feeling low.

HD Aquaponics – Ep.30 – Advanced Barrel Aquaponics, swirl filter, floating raft, u-siphon, indoor


HD Aquaponics Video Webcast Episode 30

HD Aquaponics – Ep.29 – Swirl filter blowdown, harvesting fish waste, fertilizer, sand filter, swirlponics

HD Aquaponics Episode 29

HD Aquaponics – Ep.28 – Swirlponics, Swirl Filters and External U-Siphons, winter greenhouse update

HD Aquaponics Episode 28

HD Aquaponics Ep. 27 – Aquaponics greenhouse, eggplant and racking some mead

This weeks we take a look at the growth of the greenhouse and right now I'm in tomato heaven. The aquaponics system is really turning out the goods and I'm really happy with the progress.