Well we finally got the dwarf tomato plants planted inside the strawberry towers. The lettuce planted inside the floating raft bed. And finally converted our indoor aquaponics system to run on a timer by running a plastic line between the two drains.



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I was looking at my cabbage flowers, just seeing how the seeds were coming along and I noticed that there were all of these bugs living on the tip of the shoot and I’m not sure what they are…

Okay so what we’re going to be doing is planting the tumbling tom, dwarf tomato, plants in the strawberry towers and our lettuce into our floating raft, deep water culture DWC, bed. We didn’t get all fifteen lettuce seeds to come up, I should have planted a couple of extras but that’s okay. I’m going to go ahead and plant these tumbling tom, dwarf tomato plants into the strawberry towers and I’ll be back with you.

So I cleared out some of the hydroton and cleared a spot for my tomato plant inside the strawberry tower. I’m just going to place my seedling near the back to make sure it gets enough water. It’s going to kind of lean like this and then I’m going to cover it back up with the hydroton. Alright, I got them all planted and now I’m going to move onto the lettuce.

So as you can see I have all the lettuce planted into the floating raft system, deep water culture, DWC. I only got twelve planted into the bed so we’re going to see how this lettuce grows in the floating raft system.

So this tomato plant I just hacked off the bottom, the roots, then cut the stock at a 45 degree angle and planted it into the greenhouse aquaponics system. As you can see it’s not doing to well but I just pulled it out and I noticed it had some roots growing so I replanted the tomato plant and we’ll see how it goes. This little tomato clone is doing really well, he coming right back so hopefully we get some tomato from these plants.

I wanted to give you guys and update on the modifications we made to the indoor aquaponics system. As you can see our indoor aquaponics system is now a continuous drain. We decided to install a timer to work with the fill pump and we’re going to start running this system on a one hour on, three hour off rotation cycle. We want to see if that will encourage now growth or just improve the overall health of the aquaponics system. As you can see we have a line that is connected to the drain pipe right here behind the union. This barb is then screwed into a hole we tapped into the once inch drain which is then connected through the line, then attached to the drain which lead back to the sump tank. So the water will continue to drain once the timer switches off and the beds will drain empty, hopefully, over a period of ten to twenty minutes. That way we can get these beds all the way empty, aerate the grow media, and re introduce the water after a couple of hours. We want to experiment with the timer to see what kind of a difference we get in growth. Some of our plants have died due to root rot and we’re hoping that this will prove to be the solution. As you can see that bed over there is draining and you can see the line that running from the drain to the sump tank drain, all four beds are wired up like this now. I will report any findings that I get with this aquaponics system setup.

So here is the indoor bell pepper, it’s not getting very big, it’s kind of long as compared to the peppers we have growing outside in the aquaponics greenhouse. This is one of two tumbling toms, dwarf tomato plants and we’ll see how well these dwarf tomato plants do in an aquaponics system that cycles on and off.

SO I just wanted to give you an update on the indoor aquaponics system. We got the strawberry towers planted and the lettuce planted into the floating raft system, deep water culture, DWC. Visit us on our facebook fan page: HD Aquaponics or visit our website at www.hdaquaponics.com

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