In this episode we take a look at a little custom modification called a solar hot water heater. We’ll use this mod to help raise the water temperature in the aquaponics greenhouse system. We also take a look at the progress we’re seeing in the floating raft grow bed.

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As you can probably see, the fish have gotten a lot bigger. Lets see if I can get them to come to the surface.

So you might be able to tell the water has actually cleared up a lot since adding that seaweed extract. Now our problem here is, this water, even though we put insulation on the aquaponics fish tanks, the water is still freezing. I don’t know how cold the water is, but I know it’s too cold for active tilapia. SO instead of connecting a giant hot water heater to these two tank, in order to keep a temperature control for the tilapia… What we’re going to do is figure out a way to heat these tanks in the winter and summer time, if needed, while hopefully saving a little money. I’m going to show you how we’re going to do that.

So this is how we’re going to save some money, this is our DIY homemade solar hot water heater. That one inch recirculation line is going to be downsized to a half inch pvc line. Water is then going to run through all of the PVC pipe coils that I painted black. I lined the back with a little pvc pond liner to save on paint.  Water will travel through these coils and will exit through the other end to the other aquaponics fish tank. The recirculation line, instead of just air aiding the water  in the left aquaponics fish tank, the water will exit into the other tank heated.  This is just a clear PVC plastic to cover the solar hot water heater. We got a sheet of it for twenty dollars and I think its going to run very well. The whole DIY homemade solar hot water heater has about thirty dollars in material costs. We just used some 2×3’s and the back is the just Styrofoam that we used on the floating raft dwc grow bed.  The whole project is very light. I will need to anchor it down using a couple of screws.

Okay, so here’s that recirculation line that we have running off the aquaponics pump connected to the aquaponics greenhouse. We’re going to run the DIY custom homemade solar hot water heater. So again, the water will enter through the side of the solar hot water heater, pass through all of the PVC pipe coils that are painted black. The sun will heat the water and send warm water back to the other aquaponics greenhouse fish tank.  We’ll go ahead and create an air aider at the end of the pvc pipe line.

This is one of our dwarf tomato plants tumbling toms plants growing in the indoor aquaponics system. It’s doing really well, it’s really filling out.  This other dwarf tomato plant is getting really big too growing in the indoor aquaponics system. You can see the bell pepper growing in the aquaponics system. They are getting bigger all the time. There is another you can see another bell pepper growing in the aquaponics system back there.

You can see some of the flowers that have bloomed on the indoor tomato plant. I’m just kind of pollinating them with my fingers, I don’t have an electric tooth brush or anything but this is how I got the tomatoes to grow in the indoor aquaponics system. You can see four of them, look at this big one. Hopefully they get really big.

So this is the lettuce that I have growing in the aquaponics floating raft system dwc. This one is growing kind of funny but whatever… Lets tank a look at some of the lettuce root growing gown into the water of the floating raft dwc system grow bed. You can see this lettuce, the roots are just growing right out the side of the grow basket.

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