So we made a few changes to the barrel aquaponics system. We took out some pipe and added a Venturi to help aerate the water. The Venturi works by water passing through a pipe with holes in the side to pull air down the pipe and out of the bottom to be deposited into the water.


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So these are a couple of containers we have sitting out in front of the house. I don’t know if you can see the roses behind all of these, what I think are pumpkin, everything in here other than the roses, we don’t know how they got planted. There is two tomato plants, one here and here, this one will actually start producing some tomatoes and this gigantic onion, a green onion, it’s huge. These two containers are actually doing very well. This one is pumpkin, I don’t know if the other ones are pumpkin but as you can see the flowers are starting to bloom and it’s starting to really grow out. Like I said before, the only thing we planted in here were roses. Everything else is a mystery.

So still not a lot of growth from the plants inside the aquaponics greenhouse. We still don’t have any tilapia in the system. The plants are growing a little bit, you can see some of the flowers starting to come in on the tomato plants. This green bean looks like it’s starting to take off so that’s good. The bell peppers are still about the same size but the habanero plants aren’t doing very well and the dwarf tomato plants are still growing in the strawberry towers. Here is the lettuce, the spring mix, growing in the floating raft system(dwc), they’re getting nice and big, that’s pretty exciting and I can’t wait to come out here and and have a salad bar whenever I want.

Okay, so we got the solar hot water heater all hooked up. As you can see, this line feeds the aquaponics greenhouse. We replaced the 90 with a PVC Tee, water travels through the valve to control the water flow to the solar hot water heater. Water flows up and reduced to a half inch pvc pipe then runs all the way through the heat exchange and exits to the fish tank on the other side which I will show you now. So water passes through the exchange, through this half inch line and down into the fish tank right back there. We have a Venturi but it hasen’t been fitted correctly and it only works when the water level is a little higher and if I get a chance I will how you that here in a second.

So this is the corn in the raised bed garden and these are the corn in the barrel aquaponics system (barrelponics). As you can see they’re not doing very well. This aquaponics system isn’t doing very well and I have two theory’s as to why that is. One, the rain could be interfering with growth of the beneficial bacteria or nitrates. And/or the barrel aquaponics (barrelponics) system isn’t getting enough oxygen in the water. Let me show you how we’re combating that problem. So this is the recirc line and as you can see we’ve installed a Venturi. There are four holes in this particular Venturi and you can see the water travels down this recirc line and down into the water where air is pulled in through the holes. As you can see it’s not doing a horrible job of air aiding the water, I don’t know if it’s going to be enough to keep the system air aided but also when the water drain back into the fish tank, I’m sure the water gets air aided a little bit too. I’m thinking that the problem is the rain and system not being covered.  The  Venturi is working alright and I’m going to install a few more of these on the indoor aquaponics system, the greenhouse aquaponics system, especially on the down spout of the floating raft deep water culture, dwc) bed as I think that will help air aid the water.

Alright I want to show you a couple modifications that I made to the barrel aquaponics system (barrelponics). I took out some of the pvc pipe on this aquaponics system. As you can see the pipe used to run all the way to the back of the system, I’ve eliminated all that pvc pipe and just comes up right from the pump and spits the flow to both grow beds. It’s more simple and it will give me a little more control on the fill times of the grow beds. Before, it was very easy to have one side or the other cocked to one side causing the one bed to fill faster than the other. This allows me to keep my fill times for consistent.

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