The solar water heater has done its job and we finally moved some tilapia to the greenhouse aquaponics system. I also try my luck with hand pollinating some tomato plants with an electric toothbrush.


Loose video transcript:
So I just noticed this frog here, protecting our tanks…

Alright, so we got the water temperature in the outside tanks to about seventy five degrees so we’re going to move some tilapia from inside and get this greenhouse aquaponics system cycling with some tilapia inside of it. White Nile Tilapia.

So you probably can’t see them too well but they’re in there some place. We got six in this fish tank and six in this other fish tank over here. So we’re going to leave these tilapia in here and see how long it takes to build the nitrates up in this greenhouse aquaponics system. I’ll be doing a water test here real soon.

If you go back and look at last weeks video, you will notice that the sweet corn in the barrel aquaponics Barrelponics was doing horrible. We’ve had about a week of sunshine now and as you can see the sweet corn is actually starting to take off. Nitrates must be building up in the system now that the rain has stopped. That’s real exciting, as you can see this corn is doing really well also. I think that was the problem, the rain was just limiting my growth of beneficial bacteria (nitrates). A cover over the barrel aquaponics system, barrelponics, is going to be essential. We will build that cover towards the end of the summer.

As you can see we’ve had quite a bit of growth in the greenhouse aquaponics system without any tilapia in the system.  These tomato clones or cuttings, whatever you want to call them… Have seem to be taking off. This tomato plant is doing really well. I’ve planted a couple of more eggplants in the system and also added some cherry tomatoes. The bell peppers aren’t doing so hot but that’s alright as the bell peppers inside are doing great. As you can see right here we have our first tomatoe growing in the greenhouse aquaponics system. This green bean plant is actually growing really well, this one seems to be taking off also. Here in the lettuce bed, the deep water culture, DWC, floating raft, I haven’t planted the second raft just yet I know I need to get it done but I’ve been slacking off. The growth in this bed is actually pretty amazing and I’m really happy with the way this floating raft system is working out. The dwarf tomato plants are growing well in the strawberry towers. You can see this plant is starting to produce buds so that’s pretty exciting. Hopefully soon we can get some tomatoes. Now I know these are probably going to clog up my strawberry towers but that’s alright, I’ll just clean them out, it’s not that big of a deal.  I assume strawberry plants will doing the same thing, so we’ll let them go and see what happens.

So I found an electric toothbrush here and I’m going to use it to hand pollinate these tomato plants all over the property. I guess this is how you do it, I’ve never seen this done but I’ll give it a try… So I’ll turn this on and start hitting the tomato flowers with the electric toothbrush. It gets the flowers vibrating really good. So I’ll hit all the tomato flowers on the property and we’ll see if I can get at a better grow rate on these tomatoes.

So these are the Cherokee purple tomatoes that we have growing in the topsy turvy. They are coming back alright and I’m going to hit the tomato flowers with the electric toothbrush. I’ve read that it imitates the vibration of a bees wings and that’s why it supposedly works so well but we’ll see.

Okay so we’ve installed a Venturi on this downspout of the floating raft system. It’s doing alright, it’s not working as well as I would have liked but that’s alright. We are still going to add four air aider lines in between the matala filters, bio filter. So yeah, I just wanted to show you guys that.

SO I wanted to show you guys the habanero plants and well they’re growing. This one isn’t as big but it is growing taller. This one is really bushing out I’m really happy with the growth. We’ve got a lot of little buds growing in there that I’ve been hitting with the electric toothbrush so I’m expecting some peppers from this plant. These dwarf tomatoes are getting a lot bigger, this one is a lot more bushy that this other one, I’m sure there are a couple of succors that I can pull off…. Maybe. The bell pepper are still doing really well. You can see them down there, there is a whole mess of them in there. They’re getting nice and big and I’m looking forward to adding these to a stir fry in a couple of weeks.

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