This week we take a look at the new acclimated blue tilapia we added to the breeding tank. We also get to take a look at this weeks aquaponics greenhouse update. The plants are really starting to take off and I’m looking forward to all the fruit that is starting to set.

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I don’t know if you can see him there but we have frogs all over this place now, that’s okay, they eat the bugs.

Alright so the Fedex man just dropped of our new blue tilapia so I’m going to open them up and place them in the breeding tank. Well me may or may not have a problem here. What we ordered was 20 breeding size blue tilapia and as you can see we obviously have more than 20 here and they are not the size we were told they wold be, so now I’m kind of concerned this isn’t a 50/50 mix and this might be just some regular blue tilapia. The whole point of this exercise was to get some females so we could start breeding these tilapia so we’re going to have to get in touch with the supplier and see what’s going on.

So I have this tilapia acclimating in the breeding tank and as you can see I am bombarding them with air from the air pump inside the bag they shipped in while they acclimate. So what I’m going to do is check the PH level of the water they came in against the water in the breeding tank and make sure it’s not too big of a difference and in about an hour I will set these guys free in the breeding tank if everything looks right.

Okay so the PH in the bag, which is here, looks like it’s about a 7.2 ph and this is the ph in the breeding tank and it’s off the scale so I would have to test with the high range ph so I know they’re different. And they’re going to be different enough that I’m going to have to add cups of water into the bag to get the tilapia used to the higher ph that they’re are going to be introduced to. SO over the course of an hour or so, I’ll be adding cups of water to get them acclimated correctly.

Alright so they’ve been sitting in the tank acclimating for about an hour now, slowly adding cups of this higher ph water so I’m going to remove the air stones and slowly introduce the fish. Alright so they’ve been introduced and yeah, there is way more than 20 in here so I’m convinced this is not the correct order so we’re going to need to get in touch with the supplier and see what’s going on here.

Well it looks like we got one dead fish so one out of how ever many we have in here, isn’t too bad. What I think I’m going to do is get an exact count by setting up the camera and taking a snapshot as to get a good idea of how many fish are in this tank.

So last weeks video was running a little long so I didn’t have time to get the aquaponics greenhouse in so that’s what we;re going to go ahead and do today. As you can see the tomato plants are just growing like crazy. I had to stick this line up before to help[ support the tomato plants because they were getting so top heavy, as you can see the stems down here are not as thick as the stems up there. SO I just used a plant clip to keep them in place. I then had to add this other line to get the tomatoes to grow straight up inside the aquaponics greenhouse. It’s working out well. I also have these stakes, just a thin metal covered in plastic to support my cherry tomatoes. You can see them all here, this one is getting really big. It’s starting to grow flowers so I’m expecting some tomatoes here real soon. On these big tomatoe plants you can see I already have a bunch of tomatoes setting, there are some here and here. So I really do have tomatoes growing everywhere in this aquaponics greenhouse. I forget what kind of tomatoes these are but they’re yellow and have a tear drop shape to them. I got these just as seedlings and had them inside before I moved them out to the aquaponics greenhouse. As you can see there are tomato flowers all over the aquaponics greenhouse. I want to show you the bush bean down here, I was not expecting the tomatoes to cover the bush bean this much but as you can see we have some green beans coming in. I’ll just pick that and eat it for breakfast. I’m not using any herbicides or pesticides so that’s clean to eat. Yep that’s excellent. I don’t know if you can see it but that’s a pole bean down there and as you can see it’s just crawling up the trellis and I just added a string to get the pole bean to grow up and over to the other side of the aquaponics greenhouse. I don’t see why this wouldn’t grow this much, it’s just been growing so much its been blowing my mind. This is one of the cuttings I did, now these flowers are just a mess or clump of flowers, I don’t know if they will produce any tomatoes but I hope they will because they’re getting so big. This is another cutting I did and as you can see there is another mess of these flowers, I don’t know if they’re deformed or whatever but I hope they produce something. The cucumber bush is just growing up the side trellis, it’s the same with this one too. So I cut the bell peppers of the other day. They were starting to turn red and I knew they weren’t getting any bigger so decided, ah hell I’ll just cut them off and put them into my salad last night and they tasted excellent. So now you can see the growth of these peppers are starting to take off now that I cut off the bell peppers. So I’ll let them go and see what happens. The habanero are starting to take off again like I said they would so that’s good. Here are some more cuttings, these are just suckers that I let grow a little bigger than I normally would so I just cut them off and plant them and they are doing really well. The strawberry towers are just taking off the roots are starting to grow down into the lower chambers but the water is still moving through so it’s not a deal breaker yet.

Here is the deep water culture, DWC grow bed, the lettuce is still great as expected. As you can see from last week, we have a bunch of little seedlings, some sprouts coming up so there are a lot of them in each one so I’ll have to thin them out once I find the dominant plant. SO we’ll have another growing floating raft bed which is exciting.

So thanks for watching this video guys, you can find links to our Facebook fan page on the website: you can also follow me on twitter @HDAquaponics. So until next week…

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