My goldfish are dropping like flies and I need to figure out why. I’m guessing we have a lack of good oxygen in the warmer water so we’re going to add a spray head to the recirc line to help move that water around.

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Alright, so we got our summer squash coming in, there’s one right here, there are some more over there these guys are getting pretty big.

Alright so as you can tell we’ve really thinned the plants out in the barrel aquaponics, barrelponics, system. The pole bean is still growing and about to reach the top of the pole so that neat. I’ve been having some problems with my goldfish dying because the water is just getting too hot in the barrel and I don’t think there is enough oxygen kept inside the water so we’re going to rig something up to try and fix that.

Alright so what I’m going to do is remove this venteri valve right here add a 90 degree pvc fitting and have the shower head moving out this directing and have it spray the top of the water and hopefully adding oxygen for the goldfish.

Okay, so the idea here is this pipe will be connected to the recirc line. The water will spray out, hitting the top of the water and help air aid the water a little more than it is now.

Alright, so I got the shower head installed, as you can see it’s kind of spraying water down into the barrel aquaponics system. When the bubbles pop, they take air into the water and thus adding more oxygen for the fish. With that running 24/7 I’m hoping this works out. By adding the cap to the shower head, it really helps to regulate the flow of the fill pipes coming into the barrel aquaponics, barrelponics, system.

So the aquaponics greenhouse is still just growing out of control. You can see the pole bean is still crawling up the string. That’s a cucumber plant, it’s catching up with it real fast. It’s just growing up the trellis and I’m training it to grow up this line. Hopefully we can just pick cucumbers right from the roof of the greenhouse. You can see the tomatoes are still growing everywhere. Here are a bunch right here. We got some pickling cucumbers growing right here. This one is really fat I don’t know why. We’ve actually pulled about four or five cucumbers out of the aquaponics greenhouse so far. Everything is just growing really well. The cucumber is growing up on this side so I’m going to need to add another line to train the vine to grow along the roof. We got some cherry tomatoes starting here, the bell peppers look a little wilted because it gets so damn hot in inside the aquaponics greenhouse. Here is a green bean, actually I don’t remember if this is a green bean or a wax bean. We had to remove a strawberry tower because of clogging so we’re taking them out one by one and adding some holes to help fix the problem.

So we’ve just been munching away on lettuce grown in the DWC, deep water culture, grow bed. It’s been so hot in the aquaponic greenhouse that the lettuce wants to bolt so we need to do some more research and find some better heat tolerant lettuce and we’re going to be adding some shade cloth here real soon. This was the raft with the seedlings in it. I had multiple seedlings so I just transplanted them into this new raft they seem to be taking off. So far I’m happy with the results of the deep water culture, DWC, grow bed.

Alright, so I don’t know if you can see the white tilapia too well but as you can see they are getting a lot bigger. The water is staying relatively clear in this tank, not unlike the indoor aquaponics system. Soon we’re going to be having a tilapia BBQ.

Alright, so we got some sweet basil and some strawberry plants and we’re going to put them inside the greenhouse. SO we finally got the strawberry planted in the strawberry towers/ We haven’t used the strawberry towers for strawberries yet so we’re going to see what they do but if we’re not really blown away with these things we’re going to replace them with a nutrient film technique, NFT, system. I think it will be a lot easier to maintain and we can plant more things inside it so we’ll be watching these and see what happens.

Alright, so I got the sweet basil all cleaned off and got the roots cleaned up and I’m going to plant them inside the deep water culture, DWC, grow bed because basil is supposed to do really well in this environment. So I’m going to get these planted and I’ll be back with you.

So we planted two basil plants in the deep water culture, DWC, system. The bigger plant does not want to stand up too well because the hydroton is too light so we planted two plants and we [;anted the third sweet basil into the flood and drain grow bed in the aquaponcic greenhouse. So we’ll see how this works and we’ll update you on these plants.

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