The greenhouse is getting a little out of control so we need to add some supports to keep the plants from falling in on themselves. I also harvest some carrots and we look at the growth of the blue tilapia.

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Alright, so its been a little over seventy days since we planted these carrots so we’re going to see how they’re doing here. So let’s see if we can find the top here… Oh that’s an odd looking one, that’s a good one, cool. That’s not a bad one either. Alright so some are bigger than others, some grew different than others but I’m going to take these in and feed the tops to the tilapia.

Okay so the greenhouse is just growing crazy, you can see the tomato is starting to grow outside the greenhouse. These ones are almost growing outside the greenhouse vents. The cucumbers are starting it’s ascent across to the other side of the greenhouse. The green bean plant is keeping up with the cucumber. So I’m going to do a little maintenance in here.

So here’s a sucker, I’m going to take these off. It’s a lot easier with scissors rather than just pinching them off, especially when they’re this big. So you can see this tomato is starting to grow away from the stake I have planted here. So I’m going to use some of this tape and see if I can straighten it out a little bit. It’s kind of hard with one hand so I’ll be back with you. Alright so you can see I have it taped up and it’s sitting a lot straighter. So I will let this until it starts to grow sideways again, and then I’ll have to attach something to the roof.

So you can see this tomato plant is growing up really tall but it also had a branch that’s growing out right here and as you can see there is a lot of weight on the branch. There are a few tomatoes on this branch so I want to secure it to the roof using my twine and staple gun and go from there.

Alright, so I’ve attached my twine to the roof of the aquaponics greenhouse. I’ve then taken this gardening tape and secured the tomato to the twine while attaching the twine to the bed using a couple staples.

You can kind of see the bunch of tomatoes back there. Those are Purple Cherokee tomatoes. I can’t wait to try them. So the cucumber vine is looking for a place to grow so we’re going to attach it to a line just like the cucumber over here so it will grow across the string. Alright so I got the cucumber attached to the line and I also noticed there are a couple green bean feelers and I got those started on the same line. I don’t know if that’s a good thing but we’ll see what happens. I also wanted to show you this, I don’t know if you can see it back there, but there is a huge cucumber that I just did not see so I’m going to pick that guy and check it out.

So those are the normal size cucumbers, I’m going to give them a couple of days and then pick them. You can see the size of them compared to my hand but look at that thing, it’s huge. So I’ll take this in and I guess I’ll start pickling them.

So you can see this bunch of tomatoes back here, as you can see it’s falling over because of the weight. Literally this is heavy, it’s interesting to see these tomatoes growing like that. So I got the last piece of twine attached to the aquaponics greenhouse and I have attached the vine to start growing up the twine. It’s going to be interesting to see these grow. I don’t know if you can see right here, but the green bean feeler has grown over and is now intertwining with the cucumber plant. I don’t know if that’s good but we’ll see what happens because this just too much a mess to get in there and do any maintenance. I’m going to need to keep that in mind for next year.

So this is what I’m taking out of the aquaponics greenhouse. These are two cucumbers, these other ones I’ll give a couple of more days. I also have some bell pepper that I will be removing in the next couple of days.

So here’s an update on our blue tilapia. As you can see they are getting much bigger. They’ve only been in the fish tank a couple of weeks, we feed them a couple of times a day. So we’re going to be taking this indoor system out and replacing it with a tilapia breeding room. The tumbling toms as you can see, I had to cut them back because they were just growing to thick and not producing anything. I think these florescent lights just aren’t sufficient enough to grow tomatoes. If you look at our bell pepper here, they’re turning block and I have no idea why. The other ones over here aren’t doing it so I don’t know if it’s some kind of disease or what but that’s kind of a bummer. The peppers are not producing any peppers, and again I’m sure YRxEkpjhE3kit because of the light the ones out in the aquaponics greenhouse are starting to produce peppers so that’s exciting but too bad for these.

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