This week I get attacked by the tomato horn worms and later I show some black solider fly larvae that I got from my compost bin. The fish seem to really like eating these guys.

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Alright, in this container is a cantaloupes plant. If you go back and watch one of the previous videos, we took a bunch of plants out of the indoor aquaponic system and this is one of the cantaloupes that made it. As you can see, we have a cantaloupes starting. I would say that it’s probably about the size of a tennis ball right now. I hope it produces some decent cantaloupes. There’s another frog. They are still all over the place.

So I’m out here doing a once over on my plants and I noticed this giant tomato horn worm. I’m going to pick him off and feed him to my fish. He is huge, he does not want to let go. Come on, I’m not going to be able to do this with the camera in my hand. Alright, lets see if the fish want to eat this guy.

So our tomato plants have been attacked by these tomato horn worms, they’ve really done a number on my tomato plants so that’s what I’ve been battling both in my raised beds and the aquaponics greenhouse. I would say that I’ve pulled about thirty of these little guys out of my tomato plants so far, so yeah that’s what I’ve been dealing with.

So as I hope you can see, the compost bin is just alive with black solider fly larvae, BSFL, So I’m going to pull some of these little guys out, harvest them, and then feed them to my fish. So I pulled some of the BSFL out, not too many, it was kind of gross sticking my hand in the compost tumbler, so I’m going to go ahead and give my fish a treat.

Alright, so I’m at the fish tank outside. I don’t know how well you’re going to be able to see this because the tank is a little dark but I’m just going to dump these black solider fly larvae, BSFL, in and see what happens. As you can see they don’t seem too intrested. Oh wait there is one, yeah it looks like they are eating them. I’ll harvest some more and feed these guys again later.

So this evening we came out here and noticed that the bed was leaking really bad, we weren’t sure where but we think we have it narrowed down to the back grow bed but we are not totally sure. As you can see we have this scissor jack in there because the wood got waterlogged and started to warp so we’re trying to save it and I’ll have more updates for you guys later.

So it looks like a crises was averted. It does not look like there is a rip in our PVC pond liner. It looks like the pimp water was leaking out from a pipe but it did warp the wood. We’ll keep an eye on it but we’ll probably have to rip out the bad wood after the growing season which is a real bummer. So we’re going to keep everything going how it is and I’ll we’ll go from there.

So look at this tomato plan, it’s just growing so high, it’s almost sticking out of the vent of the aquaponics greenhouse. The bean plant is still growing, I would say that is grows about six inches per day. The cucumber is still growing strong across the line. Last week we had this tomato plant barely reaching the top of this stake and now it has gotten so tall I’m going to need to fasten it to the roof. So right now I’m just resting it along this line here. You can see our grape tomatoes coming in pretty well. There are a lot of tomatoes on there. Here I wanted to show you the habaneros, they’re starting to come in, you can see them down there. We’re starting to get a lot bell peppers growing on these plants, here you can see four growing. Also these tomatoes, sorry if it’s dark but we were dealing with the leak and I didn’t have time to shoot when the sun was out. I’m just glad we’re going to be able to keep these things growing in here as it would have been a real shame to have to pull all these plants out to fix the liner.

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