Aquaponics Fish: Why you should use goldfish in your Aquaponics System

Aquaponics fish?

Aquaponics Goldfish

Aquaponics Goldfish Photo by bensonkua

I often get asked what kind of fish should be used in an Aquaponics system. Normally, my answer would depend on the climate the Aquaponics system is based. Lately, I’ve been modifying my answer because a common problem we all run into: cost.

When I say cost, I don’t just mean the actual dollar price for the fish or fry. We need to look at other factors such as food, energy costs, skill level etc. Jumping into a large Aquaponics system can put a nice dent in our wallets and the feeling of throwing away over one hundred dollars on fish because of a simple mistake can leave even an experienced Aquaponics gardener feeling low.

The fact is, if you’re raising fish, fish will die. Better to bury an inexpensive goldfish in the garden rather than a White Nile Tilapia. Start small, if you’re going to dive into Aquaponics (and you should!) try building a system based around the Barrel Aquaponics idea. These systems work well with goldfish and if designed correctly, are prefect ways to learn the basics and when you’re ready, scale the design to larger system suitable for larger fish.

Aquaponics Goldfish!

Goldfish can survive in a wide variance of water temperatures. Anywhere from 40 to 80 degrees will provide a comfortable environment for the fish to thrive. Even in temperatures colder, goldfish can survive, although they will do little to feed our Aquaponics system at this temperature. Just make sure that the water has plenty of aeration when temperatures start climbing. It might not feel very warm to your touch but there is a lot less oxygen in that warm water for these little guys.

pH is something we test for regularly in our Aquaponic systems. Goldfish are known for their ability to tolerate pH swings from a low 6 to a high 8. This makes water quality mistakes a little more forgiving and when you’re starting out, you’ll be thankful that these little guys are so hardy.

So in conclusion, learn to take small steps when getting into Aquaponics. Learn the tricks that I’ll be teaching you throughout this year to build a smaller, inexpensive system to start you off. I guarantee you will love taking care of these little guys when they’re growing lots of healthy veggies for you and your family.

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