About HD Aquaponics

HD Aquaponics is a webcast that focuses on growing food using three different kinds of aquaponics systems. With the rising food and oil prices due to government borrowing, the cost of food will force Americans to start growing their own tomatoes and lettuce to save a little at the grocery store.

about HD Aquaponics barrel aquaponics

Barrel Aquaponics

We aim to help those people serious about growing veggies and fish right in their own backyard. Our systems are designed for anyone with enough space for a bbq and an empty power socket. Aquaponics requires the use of a small fountain pump that moves nutrient rich water, created by your fish, to a grow bed where the plants are then given water and nutrients and then returned to the fish tank cleaned again for the fish.

Our Aquaponics systems

We have three different aquaponics systems, and all three systems are different in their design but all carry the same idea: Use fish to grow plants and use those plants to clean the water for the fish.

Habor Freight Aquaponics Greenhouse

Our greenhouse system runs about 500 gallons of water with a grow space of about the same about. We try to keep our systems at about a 1:1 grow bed to fish tank ratio. The greenhouse aquaponics system uses two external bell siphons to control the emptying of two large grow beds. Uniquely, our greenhouse system also add deep water culture, or floating raft. The floating raft bed grows specifically plants that don’t mind having their roots submerged in water 24 hours a day.

Indoor Aquaponics using fluorescent lighting

This aquaponics system has been designed with a year round grow in mind. Since our system grows indoors using four, six bulb fluorescent fixtures, we like to plant a lot of leafy greens and tomatoes. This system uses four external bell siphon with small drains that run on a timer. The beds run for an hour then shuts down for three hours. If the bell siphons fail to reach the required height for draining before the pump is turned off, a small slow drain will make sure the plants don’t drown in the water.

Barrel Aquaponics, almost like barrelponics

This is the first system we constructed. This system is about as basic as it gets but is also a cost effective way to get started using aquaponics. Water is pumped from the fish tank directly into the grow beds using a small fountain pump. The fish tank and grow beds are made from a plastic 55 gallon drum. The grow beds are constructed by cutting one of the two barrels in half and using another as the fish tank giving you the 1:1 ratio of grow space to water. Water then empties right back into the fish tank using a bell siphon buried in the grow media.


If you are looking for more information about aquaponics, check out our Aquaponics blog.