Aquaponics supplies and equipment

Below you’ll find the aquaponics supplies that I use everyday to make sure my aquaponics systems are running at their best, 24-hours a day. These links will take you directly to for purchase.

Aquaponics water pumps

TetraPond Water Garden Pump, 500 GPH
This is a great little pump for running in your smaller barrel aquaponics systems. They run well, low energy draw and put out enough flow to cycle some flow back to the sump tank if needed.

TetraPond Water Garden Pump, 1000 GPH
This pump is rated for 1000 GPH so it’s perfect to run in your larger IBC aquaponics system. Like its smaller counterpart, this pump will work perfect to direct flow back to your sump tank if you find your flow too heavy.

Air pumps and air stones

Hydrofarm 6-Watt 15-LPM Air Pump with 4 Outlets
This 15LPM air pump is my go-to air pump. It works great, and I can use it in my larger IBC aquaponics systems or in my smaller barrel aquaponics systems.

Jardin Aquarium Tank Air Stone Diffusers, 40mm
Use 4 of these little 40mm air stone diffusers with the above air pump to maximize your aeration into your aquaponics fish tank water.

Aquaponics water testing

Tetra EasyStrips 6-in-1 Test Strips, 100-Count
These test strips test the levels of hardness, nitrates, nitrites, alkalinity and pH levels. These strips stop working after 60 seconds to stop any false readings. Make sure you test your aquaponics system at least once a week.

API Freshwater Master Test Kit
This is your standard test kit for your aquaponics system. The test is designed for pH, ammonia, nitrite, high range pH, and nitrates. It comes with 4 test tubes, tray and a color card for results. Good for 800 tests.

Nutrient supplements

Grow More Seaweed Extract 11%, 1-Quart
I use this liquid fertilizer about once a week in my aquaponics systems. I just pitch the solution into my sump tank and let the pump do the work. This will probably turn your water a slight brown color. Don’t worry too much it will clear up and won’t harm the fish.

Grow More, 8-Ounce Organic Iron Chelate
I use iron chelate in all of my aquaponics systems. When you start to see a yellowing of the leaves that’s a good indication that your system is iron deficient. Add a couple of dissolved tablespoons to your system every couple of months.

Grow-bed media

PLANT!T Clay Pebbles 40L
Clay pebbles are a great grow bed media to allow all the good bacteria to grow in the nooks and crannies. When you want to skip the ¾” river gravel which I recommend because of cost, this is the next best thing. This is perfect for a barrel aquaponics system.

Bulkhead fittings

Lifegard Aquatics 3/4-Inch Slip Bulkhead Fitting
These bulkhead fittings are essential for anyone building an aquaponics system. Just drill a 1 ½” inch hole to accommodate the fitting and slip in your ¾” PVC pipe to allow water to pass through your grow beds and fish tanks.

Lifegard Aquatics 1-Inch Slip Bulkhead Fitting
These 1-inch bulkhead fittings are essential for anyone building an aquaponics system. Just drill a 1 ¾” inch hole to accommodate the fitting and slip in your 1” PVC pipe to allow water to pass through your grow beds and fish tanks.

PVC valves

Homewerks PVC Ball Valve, 3/4-Inch slip fitting
You need to be able to isolate components of your aquaponics system for cleaning and maintenance. These are perfect to regulate and isolate flow to your aquaponics grow beds.

Homewerks 3/4-Inch Check Valve, slip fitting
I ALWAYS use a check valve on the discharge of my main pump. This prevents water from leaking back into your sump tank if your pump fails. A pump failure could create a back flow and drain your fish tank.

Tools and supplies

Black & Decker 1/4-Inch to 1-1/2-Inch Spade Set
This is an inexpensive set to accommodate the holes that need to be drilled for your bulkhead fittings. 1 ½” and 1 ¾” bits are included.

Ridgid Ratchet Action PVC Cutter
This is the best PVC cutter I’ve used so far. The cuts are clean and the ratcheting action works great. Make sure to keep the blade moderately sharp to decrease pipe breaks.

Aquaponics Training

Aquaponic Gardening: A Step-By-Step Guide…
This is a pretty good book for an in-depth explanation of aquaponics. Not required but it’s a good read if you’re an aquaponics nerd like me.

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