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HD Aquaponics – Ep.30 – Advanced Barrel Aquaponics, swirl filter, floating raft, u-siphon, indoor


HD Aquaponics Video Webcast Episode 30

HD Aquaponics Ep. 26 – Harvesting black soldier fly larvae, BSFL, tomato horn worms

HD Aquaponics Ep 26

This week I get attacked by the tomato horn worms and later I show some black solider fly larvae that I got from my compost bin. The fish seem to really like eating these guys.

HD Aquaponics Ep. 25 – Harvesting carrots, aquaponics greenhouse and blue tilapia update

HD Aquaponics video webcast ep 25

The greenhouse is getting a little out of control so we need to add some supports to keep the plants from falling in on themselves. I also harvest some carrots and we look at the growth of the blue tilapia.

HD Aquaponics Ep. 24 – Aerating the barrel aquaponics system, aquaponics greenhouse update

HD Aquaponics Video Webcast

My goldfish are dropping like flies and I need to figure out why. I’m guessing we have a lack of good oxygen in the warmer water so we’re going to add a spray head to the recirc line to help move that water around.

HD Aquaponics Ep. 23 – Acclimating the blue tilapia and a aquaponics greenhouse update

HD Aquaponics Ep. 23

This week we take a look at the new acclimated blue tilapia we added to the breeding tank. We also get to take a look at this weeks aquaponics greenhouse update. The plants are really starting to take off and I’m looking forward to all the fruit that is starting to set.

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